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Dual mining ETH+ZIL

Hey Guys,

did any of you find out how to mine ETH+ZIL with phoenix miner, ETH on hiveon and ZIL on Let me know please.

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you can try like this or

Thanks man, but these i was already cheking… and didnt find how to set it up for phoenix miner yet…

create a wallet
select coin ETH
enter the address like
save it

flight sheet
coin - ETH
wallet - ( select the one your created recently )
pool - ezil
mienr - ( any compatible with your GPUs and the pool )

create a new wallet, call it ETH+ZIL,
coin - use ETH,
wallet address - use ETH_wallet_address.ZIL_wallet_address
now you can use any miner to dual mine ETH+ZIL

Hola este “dual”, sucede en simultaneo y en ambas ase aprovecha el total de la potencia, o esta se divide en x% para cada una?

i have try too.

U cannot use Phoenix Miner for ETH Hiveon & Zil on Ezil me.

Info :

Dual-mining command-line examples

ETH on ETH, Blake2s on Nicehash:

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool ssl:// -pool2 ssl:// -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3 -dpool -dwal YourBtcWalletAddress -dcoin blake2s

First mining : ETH is OK
but for 2rd is BTC with Blake2s

But u can with TeamRedMiner for Dual.

But u can use Phoenix miner for same Pool for moment (Ezil pool for ETH&Zil)

Is there any miner that supports both nvidia/amd and you can dual mine on hiveon and ezil both?

Lolminer maybe

lolMiner 1.20

Using the dual & splitting modes

Anybody tried this??

Reference: How to mine dual mine ETH + ZIL. I first heard of dual mining back in… | by Ubuntu | SimpleMining | Medium

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