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Dual mining ETH+ZIL with Hiveon (nvidia)


I currently have some GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6076 MB cards mining ETH on the Hiveon pool.

I would like to setup dual mining with ZIL but stay with the hiveon pool for ETH.

Anyone have a correct flight sheet to do this?


Hi there. Is 1060 called as a green line?

Yes it is.

You can try modify this flight sheet from RVN to ETH.

Edit: Or (better solution) look on this thread Is no need to make this new one with the same content.

I’ve tried this and it partially works.

in ezil, I’m only seeing one worker, with the zil address as worker name. But I have 2 workers running this.

Is this normal?

Dual mining is when you are running ETH and ZIL on a single worker. AFAIK, the only miner for this on HiveOS is nanominer (please correct me if I’m wrong everybody).

I have a question on this one PetrP - I tried similar (but using 2miners for the RVN pool) and it keeps giving me an error (i’ll see if I can dig it up). Was there a trick to how you set up the RVN + ZIL dual mine? My ETH + ZIL works fine.

I posted RVN+ZIL Flight Sheet already. I am not mine RVN+ZIL or ETH+ZIL now. I mine ETH only on 4GB cards in zombie mode and 4GB cards don’t handle ETH+ZIL because ETH+ZIL need 8 GB. Other cards (3060) mine in Windows.

Pleas tell me did you manage to setup dual mining ETH-ZIL ?? if yes pleas let me know how you did ??

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