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Dual mining ETH + Zil using 8GB+ Nvidia cards

All the posts and videos I can see around dual mining seem to be recommending dual mining ETH + Zil, using 4GB (AMD) cards.

For us Nvidia folks, I would like to know if it is possible (and profitable) to dual mine using my 8GB+ cards.

Any links to videos, howtos blogs, etc would be appreciated.

Both AMD (with OpenCL) and Nvidia (with OpenCL or CUDA) GPUs are supported for PoW.

The minimum requirements for Zilliqa mining nodes are:

  • x64 Linux operating system (e.g Ubuntu 18.04.5)
  • Recent dual core processor @ 2.2 GHZ. Examples:
    • Intel Core i5 or i7 (Skylake)
    • Intel Xeon (Skylake)
    • AMD Ryzen
  • 4GB DRR3 RAM or higher
  • NAT environment OR Public IP address
  • Any GPUs with at least 2 GB vRAM

So, YES, you can dual mine ZIL with Nvidia cards.
About profit, I don´t know, I´ve started dualmining 2 days ago, got 12 ZIL in rewards.
Keep in mind that only mines in rounds of about 1.5 to 2 minutes every few hours. I’ve counted 23 rounds since I’ve started.
My ethas hasrate is 298 MH/s (all AMD cards) but the ZIL hasrate I see on the ZIL pool is between 8 to 33 MH/s.

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