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Dual mining ETH + TONCOIN

I start today dual mining with my rigs. I use Sonofatech videos as a turtorial.
Most of 6600, 3080, 3060ti are working like they should.
Only problem I have that my RX 5700 are not getting close to 3Gh . i cant pass 650Mh.
Did any of you had similar problem?? Any advise??

dude i have rx 5700 and i am getting 3gh but i checked its fake liik at this picture im not getting any share on pools im sure any one elese that have 3gh did not checked the shares

i let it run for houres after that but no shares
now please thel me how to get 0.5 to 0.7 g shares i cant get my rx 5700 to get normal shares!

Increase core clock if you want it to do better on ton

5700xt can’t pull 3GH on ton, its impossible

If you saw that on a youtube video it was most probably bugged

yeah i have tried no ton shares for hours! only eth shares are coming

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