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Dual Mining ETH+TON hashrates and OC settings

Hi guys, I’m going to share with you my hashrates and my settings of my gpus while I’m mining Ethereum and Toncoin, of course the 3060 that’s thermal throttling is a little bit hot but that’s because is a Ventus X2 and the stock thermal pads are really bad.

The LHR cards are mining with lolminer v 1.44, the FHR and the GTX is mining in T-rex v.0.25.2.

If you have any suggestion you can comment.

Your power seems high. I get about 33-34 with 80-90W. Guess all the extra power is causing your issues.

Have you tried adjusting your oc to a more efficient setting?

I’ve seen people leaving the power limit in 0 but that makes the consuming not being stable for some reason.

What I’ve tried so far is, locking the core clock but still don’t know exactly how to make them consume less with the same hashrate

for dual mining, you don’t want to set a pl. Doing that will limit the card, since the algo spikes.

Not optimal, but my oc is 1395/2100. I try to adjust the core speed to keep the fans (auto) under 70%. I’m assuming, that means my card isn’t drawing power that only heats it up. You can oc the card to suit your needs.

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use the core clock to limit power draw, not the power limit


edit : The 470.86 NVIDIA driver is the one that worked better for me so far, for some reason the command --hstats 200 in the miner actually helped to improve the hashrate, but the temperatures hasn’t got lower, I had to turn on the AC to help a little bit.

change your 3070 to a locked core clock and remove power limit. reduce mem if it continues to have invalids after.

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