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Dual mining ETH + ERGO

Hi Guys

How can i make my rig to dual mining ETH + ERGO with hiveos pool and nanopool ?? i have only non lhr cards … i want to do it in T-rex … can someone pleas help me out with this ??

In the miner config fill in the boxes with ergo and pool etc under the main config.

I have done like this but its not working … what do I do wrong ??

You have the second coin intensity set to 0

So how should i set everything ?? i get this 0 setting from I guy there but its not working …

Depends how much you want to do ergo and how much eth, start at 50 and play around til you get the results you’re after.

should i add intensity for all the cards ??

Depends if you want the same intensity or not for all cards.

What do you think if i have it like this , will it work ??

If you’re running the same intensity for all there’s no need to put the same thing over and over

i have done it like this but still nothing is happening … what can be wrong ??

Open the miner in shell and see what it’s saying, did you remove all the extra 20s?

yes i have remove the extra 20s ,

should I overclock them different for each coin ??

Set overclocks for the second coin

dual algo do not start, how fix it?

What does it say in the miners console in shell?

there is no errors

Does the miner run for more than 1 minute? Your screenshot is before it would start mining