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Dual mining ETH/Ergo with Trex


I would like to mine Eth and ergo coin using trex miner
Under 2miners pool.
This is my first time with dual mining.
I have 3060 ti LHR 8gb

Running mining al it seems ok but ERGO coin is not mined.

Someone could you post a screenshot of trex miner settings?

Thank you in advance

I’m having the same he issue when I start dual mining both don’t mine and I get a connection issue.

Check your miner in the shell. What is the error showing?

here’s what i get in the shell

You can try to set everything in the hiveos gui instead of user config. Also don’t forget to set an intensity (70).
You can also try SSL on port 11433 instead


i’ll give it a try

So i tried and still having a communication error. When I mine eth on flexpool no issues.

But with 11433 you have to change “stratum+tcp…” in “stratum+ssl:wink:

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exactly this bro, when configuring dual mining for ETH / ERG i select SSL and the protocol shown in the config showed stratum+tcp instead of stratum+ssl, fixed this and connected flawlessly, the only thing i got now is the tuning so the LHR dont get triggered all the time!
Thanks a lot!

im still having problems after changing the Statum+SSL

i changed that and still not connecting.

ok i figured the connection out. why is my GPU’s not mining ERGO now.

i have the same issue , did you manage to solve it ??

Yes I did. I have some non LHR GPUs so under intensity I did 0 for all non LhR then -1 for the rest of the LHR GPUs. I have 8 in total so it looks like
0 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 0

i have only NON LHR that i want to dual mine with … you want to show a photo of your flight sheet and the T-rex configuration ??