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Dual mining eth and xmr

Hi there. I am new to mining and hiveos so bear with me. I’ve setup my rig for gpu-eth and CPU-xmr monero. So i got lost here, as i can see that GPU is mining eth but what about CPU? Is my share converted to eth? Or will it reach my xmr wallet at some point?

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So, I assume you set up Hive to use your GPUs for mining Eth and your CPU to mine XMR (I tried this and found that my GPU rig slowed down, and I was loosing money making ETH to mine $0.30 of XMR - not worth it, so you should collect data yourself). You should check the XMR pool (typically using your XMR receive wallet address) to monitor progress. In my experience XMR takes awhile to mine on normal GPUs.

Hive does not auto-convert your XMR to ETH or anything like that.

Well my GPU Reach 40.05mh/s (just one for now) with xmr working its pretty much the same 40.03. but thanks anyway for clarification. Od you have aby tips feel free to send me priv msg. RX 5600 XT on Phoenix mine.

I don’t have any 5600s, so I can’t answer you directly. I would look over at Igor’s Lab ( and follow the GPUMining reddit.

The Igor’s Lab links to a discussion on the 5700, but maybe you can start a new thread there for the 5600…

Hello Guys. I am just putting my first rig together when I came up with the idea that I would try dual mining too. Since I set for dual my rig turns off so often. I have 16 gb ram, MB aus b250 mining expert. GPU;s bios has not been modded yet as you can see. My CPU is i7700k. Is there any specific MB Bios setting will help me to mine on CPU as well or where would I find the issue? My rig is perfectly stable for days at least if I do not mine MONERO at the same time. I am really looking for some guidance! :slight_smile:

i tried dual mining eth-monero…rig started to crash every now and then…not worth it,with my hardware anyway.

Just so you know: Generally speaking, mining on Intel cpu’s isn’t profitable, unless you plan to HodL until the price goes up. It’s especially true the older the cpu is. However, if the cpu is on a multi GPU rig, you might as well mine with it. You might even break even if you factor in the power you would be using anyway.

With that out of the way, it sounds like your system is crashing because your cpu’s entire bandwith is being used to mine XMR. You have to have something left over to manage your GPU(s). To fix it, you just need to limit the amount of threads or cores that are allocated for mining. If you’re only running Hive, then you probably only need one core, if that. But if you are running both windows and hive, then you’ll need a lot more. I’m not sure how much exactyly, but my advice would be to start with about half, allow it mine for a day or so, and then if you don’t have any crashes, bump it up another thread or so each day until it does. If you’re computer savvy, then you can probably get it optimized without as much trial and error.

You’ll need to look up the command that’s needed for the particular mining algorithm needed to mine your selected coin (i.e. XMRig). For example, mining Verus Coin, the command will look something like " - - p 8 ". So you would enter dash, dash, p (processor), 8 representing the number of cores or threads the command uses. That isn’t necessarily the correct command. It’s close, but only an example. Just be sure to look up the code and enter it correctly into the bat file that launches with the flight sheet. if you don’t know what that means, check out the how to’s on flight sheets.

Hope this helped. Good luck!!

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you are right, this rig that i was trying then have older intel cpu and it was stressig out the whole rig La were really high. I tried same with my other fig with intel i5 and that went smooth. Good test but no dual mining for me… For now anyways

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