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Dual mining Eth + alph no shares no hashrate

Hi, I was mining eth + alph for a week or two and everything was fine but I stopped and went back to Eth only.

Yesterday I started again to mine both coin. Etash showing 478 MH/s and underneath Hiveon pool showing 0 MH/s in the worker page.

Same for the shares 0 for the last 20 hours.

But when I go in the payout page, hiveon pool is showing the right hashrate and all the valid shares.

I think I’m getting the right amount of income but I can’t find a way to fix the stats in the worker page.

Does anybody know of to fix this?

Hiveos v. 0.6-213@220301
Nvidia 495.46
Amd 20.40 (5.11.1001)

7 amd card
4 nvidia card

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen, and of your flightsheet?

Here’s the screenshot

Have you tried opening the miner inside the shell to see if it says any errors or anything?

Yes no error at all. Its mining like normal, net-test is good. It’s just not showing in the worker page I don’t know why.

I restart the rig. Restart the miner. Tried to make another flight sheet but nothing changes. It’s doing the same thing on my gaming rig too

And only while dual mining

Ah I see the issue now. You replaced your worker name with a made up %xyz% callback value. You can’t just change the text between the % symbols. Change that back to %worker_name% or whatever you want to call it in plain text, no symbols.

Thank you ! I changed it last night and everything is back to normal.

Have a great weekend.

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