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Dual mine ETH+ZIL on HiveOn Pool and Zil (Nvidia/Trex)

Hi all

I’m looking for a way to get my Nivida cards to dual mine ETH (with HiveOn pool) and ZIL at the same time. So far Google hasn’t provided the goods and the only information I’ve come across is with Team Red Miner for AMD cards. I was on Hiveon originally before joining EZIL but would like to bring it back but still keep ZIL mining

Does anyone have a flight sheet or work around to make this happen?


I dual mine etherium/zil @ with a mixed AMD and Nvidia rig and I’m doing about 260 megahash on dual mining, Which about once every hour and a half roughly automatically switches over to mining Zilliqua for roughly one and a half minutes and then goes right back to mining etherium and you never even notice anything. Very easy to do with NB Miner or Lolminer. Team red miner is good also very stable and great auto tuning. What exactly do you need help with? I probably can help you out I’ve been doing this for a while.

PM me and I’ll shoot you a copy of my flight sheet.

hey Moe thanks for the reply. Fortunately I’m already dual mining. Currently using Hiveos with my dedicated rig (ezil) and mining as well on windows desktop with Trex miner

My question is, how do you miine on HIVEON (hiveos pool) and still dual mine Zil with Nvidia cards. The only options to do so via windows or hiveos is with amd cards which I dont have

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