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Dual mine eth and zil on hiveos t-rex miner

I would like to use T-rex miner to mine ETH& Zil on the Ethermine and Zil pool. These settings are not mining Zil when it is time. What am I missing or need to change?
Thank you

I have the same problem. Here are my settings. Any help please ?

T-Rex miner ver. 0.24.5

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I am facing the same issue with flexpool (ETH) and ezil (ZIL), for some reason T-rex seems to assume that a proxy (eg, shardpool) is use when I use the “Dual Coin” option.

I managed to get it working by adding below into T-Rex’s “Setup Miner Config > Extra config arguments”, no “Dual Coin” setup. Hopefully this works with your pools

“coin”: “eth+zil”
“url2”: “stratum+tcp://”
“user2”: “{ETH Wallet}.{ZIL Wallet}.%WORKER_NAME%”
“pass2”: “x”
“extra-dag-epoch”: “0”

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Thank you VERY MUCH! That did the trick. I did have the change the ". For some reason yours kept putting out an error.

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Can you please share your corrected flight sheet? I’m trying to do the same without success. Thank you.

Someone has managed to dual mine with Gminer ? I succed to configure trex miner and lolminer, but I can’t do the trick with Gminer…

Just modify the " like @jspree32 said

on the ezil pool, zil is configured differently. you need to enter ethereum wallet and zil wallet together separated by a dot. zil cannot be mined at the same time, it is mined for about a couple of minutes per hour

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