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Dual Hive account, dual wallet


Am I allowed to use 2 HiveOS account with same WAN IP, if I use different wallet on the second one ?
Goal is to prepare a transition, and keep proximity of hardware

Why do you want multiple accounts? Do you mean multiple farms?

I’d like to split my actual account in 2 account

Mine : 1 farm with 5 rigs
Other : 1 farm 1 rig

My account has its own hadware / motherboards aso and own wallet
Other account will have its own hadware / motherboards aso and own wallet

My goal is to prepare this splitting locally and having somthing rock stable before splitting it in two different areas with at term 2 different [email protected]

As it will be used by two different people, I need 2 account, and not 2 farms
In an uknown future, I will not handle the second account, as soon as my friend will be autonomous

No need for you to have 2 accounts. Separate farms will do all you’re needing.

When your friend is ready to take over you can transfer the farm to him

Ok, perfect, thank for the reply !

Ideal indeed to handle 2 farms actually, then transfer one later

In such case rule for 0, 1 to 4 or 5 rigs are the same than within a single farm ?
(0 = free, 1 to 4 = all coin but ETC/RVN, 5 = hiveon pool)