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Dual fan RTX 3070

So this a new… My Rig has been working fine for ages. This morning hashrate was a little below normal so I prompt a reboot. Rig never worked again, changed all parts motherboard, risers, PSU, RAM… The result was always the same the RIG would start and stay up for like 5s and then reboots and stays in this loop forever unless I unplug it. Curious thing is that doesn’t happen when lan cable is disconnected. After hours of frustration my RIG only worked when I removed the 2 Dual fan RTX 3070 I have. One is ASUS TUF DUAL RTX3070 and an msi ventus 2x RTS3070.

Any comments on this?

what is your OC ?

core -400
memory: 2200
PL: 125
Fan: 0
delay OC 45

Active Autofan

I have the same problem and the cards when together not acepting OC.

So it turns out it was not a GPU problem. Apparently I was able to identify a faulty USB cable , from one riser. When used alone it works fine, but when used together with other gpus it doesn’t work! And they say computers work with logic…
That was my problem. So try to change some risers or USB cables. Hope you can solve your problem too!

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