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Dual eth+etc mining?


I’m wondering if there is a way to dual mine eth and etc at the same time? lolminer allows you to assign eth or etc to different gpu, but not both to the same card(?).

I understand that both coins will trigger lhr since these use the same algorithm. I’m hoping it is possible since both alph and ton use a lot more power. Also seeing that etc will become a lot harder to mine after eth 2.0 since a lot of hashrate will migrate there (asics).

Maybe assign a certain percentage to etc?

eth is more profitable so youre better off just mining eth alone. if you want eth and etc switch back and forth. dont try to mine essentially the same algo on the same card twice, youll get less hashrate that way

keaton thanks. That is what I thought but have given up on ton/alph. For the extra power these use, I was able to power another card to only mine only eth. I know etc isn’t too profitable currently, but who knows what it will do after eth 2.0, and will probably be impossible to mine then.

etc will continue to be gpu mineable until it changes algos. youre better off mining eth and trading for etc if thats what you want.

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It is possible to assign one card to do ETH and another to do ETC.

GPU prices are low right now so I’m picking up 4GB cards and adding them to current rigs.

lolminer allows you to mine eth on some cards and etc on another. You set the dual coin to etc, and use dualdevices

see GitHub - Lolliedieb/lolMiner-releases

However, you can not dual mine, using a second coin on the same card, but your scenario should work.

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