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Dual coin & Nicehash

Hi community
Actually doing some test to get paid in BTC using Nicehash
I am mining ETH + KAS, all that on Nicehash
First : Inoticed that SSL connection is much more difficult than normal one
Second : As see in picture, I have often holes in mining for unknow reason
Any idea ?

Mining with TeamRedMiner, last release

check the miner log. youre also on a pretty old image, i would flash the latest stable before any other troubleshooting

Went for a fresh full reinstall
Image flashed with Etcher
Rig.conf put int NTFS partition at root

Go this … first time ever


May you help me ?

In the future you can just use hive-replace from the working install. Try reflashing with either Rufus or the hiveos installer if you’re having issues with balena.

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I did it with a new SSD, same model, same capacity
Going to try Rufus
If failure i will reinstall old SSD and hive-replace -y -s

EDIT : Patched teh problem with
sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/status
sudo cp /var/backups/dpkg.status.0 /var/lib/dpkg/status
sudo apt-get update

Problem still there, 2 rigs with same hardware, same OS, same miner, random holes
Look like a miner problem
trying to downgrade it to stability

if you got apt working, then do as keaton said by running hive-replace. It will install a new system. Only keeps your hive-config files (?), so everything else is overwritten with a fresh copy of the version you select

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Yeah simply replacing the status file is a bandaid as if it’s corrupted there’s probably issues elsewhere too. Fresh install is always best.

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Thanks for your helps, they were welcomed
I did those deep update an all of my rig, nothing to say but …

The Nvidia rig started to do LA > 3%, even 5%, never got such high before
Other AMD rigs are safe, I started to downgrade verison of miner, because all of them do dual coin

lolminer → bugged since 1.60 with R9 380X
TeamRedMiner → bugged since dual coin intriduction 1.50

I mean bugged, when using Nicehash, I don’t got any problem when directly mining to my wallets

Just in case I missed it:

Don’t forget to run apt upgrade after apt-get update :slightly_smiling_face:

Did it