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Dual coin mining and o/c template

Hi community

I’d like to know how to set an overclocking template for dual coin mining (with same miner)
Actually I can’t set an o/c template with two algo. (eg ETC + KAS)

On a RX580 rig,
While mining ETC, using a specific ETC template gives me 32.2 Mhs / 85 to 90W per card
While mining ETC + KAS, using ETC template gives me 30.2 MHs + 102.2 Mhs / 110 to 120W per card

→ I’d like to strongly mitigate the power consumption without ruining either my ETC (only) or KAS (only) o/c template

Any advices welcome :slight_smile:

In my experience, you’ll need to build your overclocking of the template with the “1st” algo. Pretty sure the additional algos are ignored. May have to use the “Default” template slot.

If you are setting up dual mining in the miner config, suspecting TRM is your choice, you may want to see about using pool ratio to balance the loads.

I don’t believe the RX4/5xx are going o be as power efficient as you’d hope. Full disclosure: My 4/5xx rigs are cold right now.

You can’t select or unselect default o/c

So this settings taken from AMD RX 580 mining calculator - are fake ?

I am currently usin lolminer because I know it relatively
Gonna try TRM.
You’re talking about load balancing, may you give detail for ti with TRM ?

My RX 580 rig (no effort to optimize)

Far from 85W anounced :confused:

That balance is fairly close in that snapshot. Overclocking template I am referring to would be created at the Farm level in the interface. Similar to this since you have (2) memory types in your rig. Note the DPM setting is Core State. It will likely drop power a bit if set. Don’t expect miracles with the ancient GPUs and Good Luck in the tweaking!

  • I do expect miracle from my 580, they did it with ETH and they will still do it. They are not as much outdated as you may think, and at least have a blasting ROI (800$ for 10 cards), which is not at all case of my 3070
  • After million of tries, I admited DPM has absolutely no effect on Polaris boards. Don’t know why it is so often mentionned
  • I switched from lolminer to TRM, and got far better results and even with much less invalid shares, but …

I would like to lower KAS hashing and so reducing power consumption
Power consumption is not the problem, but PSU noise

Such strategy seems to have no effect
Am I doing stg wrong ?

You are trying to make me fire up my 4/5xx rigs to figure this out with you are you? :slight_smile:

For now: I’d hit TRM discord, Kaspa and Polaris channel and ask about ratio’s working with KAS and your other target algo.