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Dual AMD and RTX 30 series mining

Anyone able to use Pheonix miner with 3080s and 5600s?

I cant seem to get it to run together but they run separately.

Anyone using a different miner with both cards?

I use Phoenix for just my Nvidia cards and TRM for the AMD’s in the same rig and they work in parallel without issue.

oh shoot haven’t figured out how to do split mining yet.

how do you run two miners on 1 rig?

Create a Flight sheet with both miners and in the case of NvIdia/Phoenix, add the -nvidia advanced config so that when the flight sheet gets applid, Phoenix will only be assinged to your Nvidia cards. I use TRM for AMD so I set that up as a 2nd miner so that any AMD’s in my rig get that by default.

Just Google it for the exact steps but this is basically how you do it.

ahh i learnt a new trick. thank you sir.

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