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Dropping mhs on one of my 1660S

Hello All,

I am facing this issue where one of my 1660 Super is not working efficiently. Somehow hiveOS is automatically changing my OC or that’s what I understand. I start with an OC of 930 Absolute Clock but after a few seconds, the settings are reverted back to 630-645.

I have tried changing GC position on the motherboard - didn’t work
changed power cables - didnt work

See for GPU4, I have set it as 930

Leave PL value empty and try…

Error because fan has a fixed value? By the way, they say it is not ideal for a fixed value on fans, but enable the auto fan (top panel) minimum 65% and maximum 100% … if it does better this way

That fixed the issue. Thanks :slight_smile: Any guesses why it fixes it?

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