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Hello guys,

I’m mining on the stock drivers which is 455.45.01 on my 3070s and 20.40(5.11.0701) on my RX6600.

My 3070 are hashing at 62Mh/s and the 6600 at 33Mh/s which seems to be the normal hashrates for theses cards.

Is there any benefits to update the drivers of the GPUs?

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

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nope. actually the newer drivers are for the limited nvidia cards. since your card does what its supposed to get, dont update.

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It’s ALWAYS a good idea to update to the latest drivers for 30X cards as they not only address bugs, but there’s also tweaks and improvements made to the drivers. I saw a almost 20W drop of my rig when I updated to the latest NVIDIA drivers. You might not see an improvement in hashrates, but there’s always under the hood improvements being made to the drivers. The answer above stating that the new drivers are only for LHR cards is ridiculous and false. Those drivers aren’t just for LHR cards.

What i ment is newer drivers will recognize the LHR series cards. Dont fool yourself that newer drivers necesarely mean improvements. I have seen things going really bad with new drivers. So dont mess around with something working. If it works dont touch it!

Sure dude. Whatever you say.

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