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Driver error, hard to pick a category for this one, please read!

I know there are a bunch of posts about the no temps driver error, but mine is a little different than the other ones I have been reading.

I have four rigs right now, two AMD and two Nvidia. They all run nice and smooth, generally no issues. One Nvidia rig is all 30-series, the other is 16-series and 20-series. They are both super stable and run for weeks with no problems.

The issue comes up when I try to do anything on either rig that involves stopping the miner while the rig is powered on. If i want to change config settings, or update HiveOS, or even a hive-replace, as soon as the miner stops I get the error gpu driver error, no temps, followed by high load average, and the rig crashes and goes offline. This happens on both Nvidia rigs, every single time, no matter what miner I am using. The AMD rigs don’t have this issue. I suppose I could unplug the SSDs and manually reload HiveOS onto them to upgrade the OS, but I want to know what is causing this to happen and how to fix it, especially to make it easier to change OC settings.
Any ideas? Thanks guys!

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