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DPM acting weird anyone?

Hello everyone,

I’ll come straight to the point. -Phoenixminer
Yesterday with DPM 3, my R9 390x was giving out 26.1MH/s and staying steady at 79-80C while eating around 133W max
However today the power consumption is just way off for DPM 3 and goes all the way till 160W thereby increasing the temperature of the card above 90C but giving out the same hashrate.
So I tried setting it to DPM 2 and then it came down to 135W (max on DPM 2) but the hashrate dropped to 22.6MH/s.
All the rest of the settings are same.
Core clock: 1070, Core voltage: 1000, Memory clock: 1700mhz

(Today just to check I had inserted an additional 1060 6Gb in the other slot and yet the hashrate & temp for the 390x was same after which this issue started out of nowhere and now I have to keep the card at DPM 2 just so that the temps are under control taking a loss of 4MH/s
I have removed the 1060 as I was just checking it for an hour or so)

Can anyone please help?
Thanks in advance

try these: Core 960Mhz DPM 0 VDD 1075 VDDCI 1050 MVDD 1500 MEM 1750Mhz

Thank you for the reply. Though it’s been months now, I appreciate your help. I don’t remember though how I solved it, but I did somehow.

Whats your OC settings now?

Core 900 DPM 3 VDD 815 MEM 1700
Rest are blank.

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