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Downgrading Software and miner

Been using team Redminer without hiccup for my Rx580 cards now with 3 in S37 the recent software changes seems to make it unreliable on boot. Its not a duplicatable problem but commands sent from Hive Website get lost in a connection loop. Then the rig wigs out with timers in a loop. The right combination of waiting and walking away and a power reset gets me going again but making any adjustments to the righ via website starts this communication loop issue all over.
Went back to 208 software from 211 and rolled Team Redminer back to 84 as the focus seems to be on tweaking software for latest new cards, but at the expense of reliablity on what i already had working without fail.

It boots says hello to graphics cards then just does nothing last night i removed all TMR to get it start mining again. Today I change one voltage to have whole rig hang during start up again.

When that GPU driver TEMP error started appearing was when this grief started not sure if its the mining or the Hive OS but it only stops the rig its not helping me in any form.

Try unseting FlightSheet or stoping miner , and reduce OC then restart miner

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