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Don't working rig on 5 RTX 3090

Hello, I have a problem with running rig on 5 RTX 3090. My system: motherboard Asrock H510 PRO BTC+; processor Intel core I5-10400F; RAM 8 GB; 5 RTX 3090. If I connect any 4 video cards, then everything works. As soon as I connect 5, then when the system starts, the BIOS issues a video controller memory error. I don’t understand what the problem might be. After all, many more similar video cards can be connected to one system.

Is your bios on the latest version? Do you have the proper mining oriented settings configured in bios? Does the card triggering the error work by itself?

All cards work, the problem occurs when I connect the fifth one. With BIOS settings, I think there is a problem. However, in the beginning, when I had 3 such cards, there was also this problem (only 1 card worked). I then included smart memory management in the BIOS (something like that). And everything worked, now when you connect 5 cards, this happens.

The only thing I don’t really understand is how to update the BIOS on rig. I have only HIVE OS installed on a flash drive.

You would need to download the bios from your manufacturers support website and put it on a drive then go into the bios and update it

I’m very sorry, but nothing helps. Updated the BIOS to the latest version, set: Above 4G Decoding [Enable], C.A.M. (Clever Access Memory) [Enable]. And it didn’t help either.

There may be a problem with RAM, I need 16 GB. Or is the processor more powerful?

shouldnt be a ram issue. did you try forcing pcie gen 1 or 2?

Yes, I tried to expose both gen1 and gen2, it does not help.

Is there a problem that there is too much video memory?

Not on Linux no, do you have all the required power connectors on the board connected? If so I would look at the bios settings again.

All power is connected. I think maybe it’s the motherboard itself

Moreover, it does not matter which PCIE connectors the cards are connected to. In any case, only 4 cards work at most.

Sounds like a bios setting then

Perhaps the BIOS settings really need to be changed, but I don’t understand what else needs to be done to make everything work.

And can you tell me where else they can help solve this problem?

You’d have to go through the bios settings and try different combos, I don’t have that board to test myself. I typically run the btcs37 riser less boards as they’re no fuss no hassle with bios settings etc to work.

Intel core I5-10400F doesn’t have enough PCIe lanes for 5 cards?

MAX PCI Express Lanes 16

Unlike Intel core i7 which has 44 PCIe Gen 3.0** lanes accumulated in total (16 from the CPU and 24 available from the chipset and 4 used

Thank you very much, and I was wondering what the problem was.