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Dont, change rig name before payout

Good morning, Hive is so finicky.

My rig name (worker) was some random generated name, well I just changed the name to something more descriptive and…it F’d up my payout?

I would have gotten paid at 0.1 but now my payout was cut in half and I am at 53% to be paid out with all the funds that were supposed to be paid out still there.

Seriously, why did it do that?

It has nothing to do you with rig name change.

Default payout changed to 0.2 with no fees on 4/22/2022.

At the same time, they introduced options to get payouts at low as 0.005ETH.


Omg, thank you very much, jeez why am I ALWAYS the last to know, lol!

Have a great weekend ahead and thank you.

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