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Donation address for Ukraine

Can anyone confirm if this is a valid address for donations? Have seen it in several places, but there are too many scams and it is easy to hide behind an address


Yep that’s the right address.

can we do better! Let’s strive for 1000 miners :slight_smile: Then 2000!!!

21 workers on hive
80 workers on flexpool
207 workers on ethermine

I’m going to be switching my one and only rig to be mining for Ukraine.

This is just awful what’s going on Ukraine.

I hope that people will find a way to be as safe as you can be and take care of your family and each other first.

I am hoping that a LOT more people will move their mining resources to help out Ukraine.

Hadn’t thought about that, but will switch over to hive. Courage guys, we are with you

Just read this :slight_smile: Good for them. Guess nobody had seen how vital crypto is until now