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Does this mean my rig crashing?

I checked on my rig for the first time today and all the cards were online and seemed fine but when I looked at the ethhash summary I noticed all these dips that occurred throughout the day. I’m assuming this means that my rig is crashing but for some reason it is restarting itself without my troubleshooting. Is this normal and does this mean that the rig is in fact crashing throughout the day? If so, how can I prevent this from happening? I did update the nvidia drivers to the most recent one and I noticed that there is a “latest version” and a “stable version.” Should I downgrade the drivers back to the stable version and would that help?


:round_pushpin:Gaps in stats :round_pushpin:

These are merely API hiccups, either caused locally or wide(actual stat server issues), and generally have absolutely no effect on your mining operations. It just means the agent wasn’t able to communicate with the server for these stats at these given times. You can quite easily confirm this by checking pool-side stats and cross-checking the times when these hiccups occur, or, if you have logs enabled, your local logs even.