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Does HiveOS work with eGPU?

Is it possible to use HiveOS with external GPU’s? Has anyone tried this? I’m curious to try it on my razer laptop with 1 or more external GPU’s.

I have an eGPU Arous GTX 1080 connected via Thunderbolt to Dell G7 and as for now, Hive OS doesn’t recognise the external card. But I will try to figure it out - hopefully. So keep fingers crossed.

DId you figure it out? I have the newer 3080 running on a Z390 motherboard with Thunderbolt add on card… works fine but it’s on windows. considering hiveos but it’s a no go if it can’t support it.

Any news about? I am been thinking put Aurus 3080 Game Box to do the same.

Unfortunately some weeks ago my GTX 1080 crashed so I’ve bought RTX2060 and mounted it in Arous Box. It is working perfectly. Moreover it is detected by hiveOS (I’ve flashed hive os on pendrive and booted it on laptop). But as I’m not so familiar with commands in Linux, all GPU’s are starting when the miner starts working (eGPU 2060, internat 1060 MaxQ and iGPU chipset).
So I can confirm that hive OS works with this eGPU but I need to learn how to select only one GPU for mining :relaxed:

weird - for me it’s not even detecting the thunderbold device

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