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Does HiveOS show true memory temperature like HWinfo

Does HiveOS show true memory temperature like HWinfo

Its a windows tool that shows memory junction tempature

I’m very interested in this, as I have a few 3070’s running in HiveOS and the memory temperature might be a lot higher than what it is being displayed in HiveOS.

Bump. Also very interested in this.

hey I don’t think 3070s have problems with memory temps. They have regular gddr6 not the more power. hungry gddrx6 chips that the 3080 and 3090 have.

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I find someone can get 2 temperature number on one card like this:

The link is Asus RX 5700 XT Memory temperature - #4 by Arun_Kumar

I also need such function…


Thank you

Yes the GPU Memory temperatures would be really helpful to protect our cards from having a too high OC at a low power limit…
This feature is extremely useful for Ethash specifically, since we only care about the memory OC, and I believe many users would appreciate it, even if they aren’t asking for it in the forum… (given the current hype around eth prices)
I mean noob users wouldn’t necessarily even know that memory temp is an important thing to check, and the core clock on my RTX 3090 shows 45c but my fan runs at 100% 24x7, that will be really confusing to anyone new to mining, and could even damage the card if they try to OC the memory more (Looking at the 45c and ignoring the 100% fan)

Also interested in this

This is an Nvidia issue to address through drivers.
See here for more info:

There is some hope to have this feature in a future driver release.