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Does Hive OS requires Windows 10 to work with?

Does Hive OS requires Windows 10 to work with?
Can I install GPUs & Drivers within Hive OS or within Windows 10?

Please advice.

No, there are instructions on the hive website to create a live usb drive.

Makes it easy for me because my wife sometimes needs the computer. hiveOS is Linux.

Thanks Jack!

So I am on the way for Bootable SSD Creation to Boot into Hive OS?
So will it take all the GPU Drivers automatically Or I have to install them in Hive OS?

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If you use Windows 10 I recomend downloading the image. Use 7Zip to unzip it. Then use Rufus (fraa online) to make a usb stick.

Put it in the USB port of your rig. Restart the rigg and enter boot menu. Boot from the stick and you will be in HiveOs. You can use dd tool to move from a ssd (overwriting it) if you want from HiveOs. You can find the receipt on that at HiveOS site.


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It will, but I had to install them one at a time. Put one in boot into hive make sure it’s hashing turn it off, pull the power plug put another one. You can try them all at once but my motherboard is very fickle.

Also sorry it took so long to respond we were moving to a new house.

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