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Does "GPU Detected Dead" actually matter? (TeamRedMiner)

Seems like a popular topic here but haven’t seen a definitive answer…

8 card rig (6) 5700XT / (2) 6700XT. I’ve followed some OC settings from here which have increased MH and decreased wattage but it’s causing consistent “GPU X detected dead”. I’ve slowly increased VDD to see if it’s just TRM not liking the lower voltage, up to 780 now and nada.

Does anyone know if this error message has any long term affect or know of a fix? I get small blips of my rig rebooting but ultimately it’s mining away…

Photo is the outcome of GPU2 being detected dead… it’ll come back.

i remember setting the OCs with you . you should fix this issue. I guess this card doesnt like the settings.
for GPU 2 , try with 1300 Core clock , 800 VDD and mem 900.
Whats happening with GPU 1 ? No OC settings?
GPU 0 also ? GPU 3 also , no OC settings?

My hiveos 0.6-204@210712 (please consider there are some change in OC in newer version of hiveos)

With TeamRedMiner try:
5500xt, 5700, 5700xt core 1250 750/750/1293 mem 898

6800xt 1250 650/650/1293 1051

superstable, many days without errors, low power from wall (watt meter)

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