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Does anyone know how to create a custom miner copy of TeamRedMiner?

Does anyone know how to create a custom miner? I need to create a custom copy of TRM so I can mine multiple coins along with anyone else running a mixed AMD rig.

I did my best but don’t understand it and it would not work. I need to mine ETH, RVN and ERGO at the same time.

It is possible based on this : Custom Miner Integration

I just don’t understand it as it is way over my head. I wanted to just call them teamredminer2, teamredminer3

As it is, I am going to have to use proxmox and setup 3x hive VM’s to make my setup work or try to get it working on windows. Both are far less then ideal.

I am FAR from the only person with this issue as well, just check the vega ergo thread for lots of examples. The only miner worth using for AMD cards is TRM and you have 4gb, 8gb and vega cards that all need to be run on different coins.

Heck, I would be willing to put a few bucks towards someones time if they could get a working custom miner copy of TRM. Others might as well.

I need it too. Share if you can find a solution

anyone from hiveos able to help out on this? lots of posts regarding custom miners and not much in the way of solutions on any of them.

TRM made a custom version for just such a request: