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Do you have experience with W5500 on HiveOS

Hello, I’ve been trying to get some GFX cards and build a rig, but you know how it is…
the only cards I can touch are AMD Radeon Pro W5500.

I read some topics on other forums that people are using them and get around 25 hashrates and just a minor tweaks are required to lower the temperatures - but when I asked, everyone of them was using Windows OS.

Still, I decided to give it a try and ordered a single card as a sample from official distributor. Result in HiveOS ~2.0 hashrate, temperatures ~85 C.

Is here anyone who could provide me some insight?

All possible … Need look closer to this GPU.

Write to [email protected] to adding full support to this GPU

The W5500 is just a re-badged RX 5500 XT with a TERRIBLE cooler.

Since all the major miner programs support the RX 5500 / W5500, it may be a Linux driver issue in HiveOS causing the poor hashrates.

Still, you should probably be asking yourself why you’re using W5500’s in the first place. They cost like $500 and only hash at ~25Mh/s, at best.

It will take 8-10 months to pay off one card at current ETH prices… you’d be better off just taking the money you’d spend on a rig and buying some ETH on the next “dip”

I’m actually able to buy those cards directly from distribution (not retail) for ~355.

And you know how it is: mining is fun. So I’m teased by the idea mining some ETH and the hodl it and after July switch to Raven. I like the power consumption of these cards.

Still, I got in touch with a guy that owns those cards and he had no issue (except the ridiculous temperatures solved by vBIOS) with them in HiveOS. Something is off with my card or setup.

Get the cards for the same price and own one in my pc for video editing.

Anyway i am curious for mining.
Here was a thread from sO u used them with like 25/26 hashrate by 50watts, thats good. Considering my 1660s for 400 is getting me 31.3 by 85w the w5500 doesnt seems to be bad just low hash.

Something else- do u think raven is worth it?
I mean i am afraid a bit that all are selling in july and the prices will drop over night.

I mean so far my rig is small just 4 cards and i paid for my 5700 just 450 but i dont wanna loose too much when now i can gain a lot actually in selling them right now. But mining is fun so far and 177 hash with 4 cards and soon 240 with 5 isnt too bad seeing the ether coming in faster :wink:

I like the Raven network from the perspective of developer (lower gas fees, wide variety of usage, trustworthy developers behind) and I assume the price will raise with the shift of miner-public interest.

ETH will be a valuable opportunity even after the “London” update (end of June, early July), but the switch to PoS is a hard to pass unless you’re able to mine 32ETH and become a validator (my case).

With “London” update we can expect that the mining profitability will lower, in worst case scenario by 40%, but actually the price of ETH will raise - so the $ income might be nearly the same.
Sadly, the possibility of mad-miner community driven 51% attack and rise of ASICs and high fees for developers are huge thread to the network functionality and promises towards the developers. So the switch to Proof-of-Stake, previously scheduled by the end of this year, will most likely come even sooner.
This is my plan and maybe the reasonable thing to do for the ETH mining newjoiners with weak rigs obtained within last 2 months:

  1. We came late to the party and you should consider all your HW as sunk cost and don’t invest in any new HW as the price of new equipment is too high.
  2. If you want to spent money now, buy rather the ETH directly
    (if you’re looking for quick “easy” profit, I would suggest daily trading with some strong community driven token, for example BTT).
  3. With the hardware that you currently have focus on ETH only, the end is coming and you need to stack as much ETH and consider it as long-term investment. True benefits from this will come in years, so try to hold and monitor ETH position (only a fool would trade ETH for fiat in 2021).
  4. After PoS switch you can turn into Ravencoin, the prices of new hardware will lower once the situation about silicone processing (google: Taiwan, Samsung chip shortage) is to be resolved (much likely with the spring rain season).

(bonus) If you hoped for a quick buck and bought cards before Feb21, I would suggest mine ETH and with the PoS sell your cards to gamers. Profit from this can be pretty significant.

@shauku your words and advice are wise. I entered the party late, only a little over month ago. I bought three W5500’s for a combined total of $1,600 on ebay. They reliably hash 25MH/s so 75MH/s total against $1,600 investment (plus $0.1 electricity rate). At today’s wonderful price of ALMOST $2,500 (let is say it stays there or goes north) it would STILL take me 7 months to break-even. NOW I realise had I bought $1,600 of ethereum a month-and-some ago when I bought the three cards…I would have already MADE around $900.
All is not lost as I will let them churn away for another few months and then sell them to the workstation-market. MAYBE I can get my money back…

As an aside mine are set as follows and have so far not produced a single error of any kind:


Also if anyone is interested the actual consumption of these cards at the wall is:
125W for the 7100 making 28 MH/s reliable
105W for the 5100 making between 21 and 25 MH/s reliable (memory-type dependant)

So at the price of ETh what it is as I write this (a very wonderful $2,466) they produce $80 and $72 profit per month for me at a electricity cost of $0.089 per KWh

SO if you are tempted to buy one - I see them going for all kinds of crazy prices now…it will take many many months to pay them off…for example there is a 7100 right now ebay with bidding closing in on $550 so thats a good 7 months to break even and whatever you can get for the card thereafter. Which is not bad but in July this will change somewhat and ETH may not sustain this price or it may go higher…

I still think now puting the $550 into ADA or ETH or DOGECOIN :slight_smile: is a better bet

EDIT" Sorry I just realised these figures are for the WX cards not the card mentioned above - I will check this tomorrow and update accordingly

I noticed you have the HP variant of the W5500 (113-D3250400-104). Do you happen to have the original vbios for the card?

Well yes it is sitting with the original version - so far no one has managed to crack that vbios yet so it is unchanged

Nice! Would you mind providing a copy of the vbios if that’s alright?

Do you follow the W5 thread on Igorslab?
I posted it there and there are many others

Are you trying to modify it or is yours damaged?

I suspect it’s damaged or modded. Bought this secondhand, and it was working fine until a few days ago, it started presenting me with the dreaded driver timeout issue anytime I give it some workload. Comparing my specs and what should be stock specs… my card’s clockspeeds seem way too high. GPU: 1744 Mhz / Mem: 1750 Mhz vs what should be GPU: 1192 Mhz / Mem: 875 Mhz. Or is the HP variant overclocked this way out of the box?

Will take a look at the W5xx thread, thanks for the heads up… 19 pages worth of text to go through haha, I’ll update once I find the bios on there. Thanks!

Well that would be very interesting because the very bright folks over at Igor’s never managed to crack that BIOS. Mine remains stock (both of them). The speeds you see are just what you can get with HiveOS. It would not work with Windows - you will only get stock there. I can give you the BIOS that I have no problem - will dump it now- but how to get it to you?

These are actually the speeds GPU-Z reports back on Windows. It’s odd really, I can share the rom if you want to take a peek at it. I’d really appreciate the stock rom thank you very much, it seems the card is killing itself. It crashes when it reaches speeds over 1650 Mhz, have had to underclock the card to keep it stable. If you can, can you send the HP rom to -redacted- please? Thank you!

I only found the dell rom on igorslab unfortunately.

I am not technical enough to peek at that BIOS - I tried once - it is not like the WX cards that are easy to play with. But Over on that forum I suspect user “Mini_me” would be very interested to know about it as he has been trying to crack that BIOS. Sent you the file by email

Thanks, unfortunately the roms are exactly the same. Guess my card is just dying. Interesting that the HP versions of this card run at higher stock speeds than AMD’s.

Thank you for letting me trouble you and for taking the time to help me out though.

The other one I have is a Dell card and both use Samsung Memory - I sent you that one now - try that

I just realised I have three of these cards - HP and dell and “AMD” (OEM) - do you want the last BIOS to try? It is 113-D3250100-102