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Do you have a rig that was mining fine, now it has various GPU's crashing with weird errors?

I had this issue. I discovered the PCI-E power cables going to my GPU’s were fried. Right at the connectors, PCI-E cable splitters, wires turned black and burnt. These PCI-E splitter cables from China have very thin copper wires inside, so they limit current = heat = fried. I ended up splicing new PCI-E cables to power supply +12V and ground wires, used numerous ones so each GPU was on it’s own cable from the PS.

A Hiveon friend from discord summed it up well:

Image 5-19-22 at 2.00 PM


I confirm, I also had burnt connectors. It’s even happened to me twice already.

I ordered a couple of these yesterday, so I can get rid of the last PCI-E splitter cable. Use some of the unused PS cables.

Yikes, out of one frying pan and potentially back into the fire.

Molex connectors can certainly handle more wattage than SATA, but shoddy molex is no fix.

Guessing you are running ATX supplies? There are some with very high quality cables, some, not so much.

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