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Do I need a new board?

HI … I am running a small rig with 1 rx580 and 1 5600xt. I have a third card (rx580) but when I attach it to the rig, it will not hash. if i attach it alone, hashes fine.
Here’s my question… Am I using the wrong motherboard or do i need to monkey with some BIOS setting?
I am using:

  • ASRock B365M Pro 4-F
  • 8gb of DDR 4.
    the board has 2 PCI-E x16 slots, and 1 PCI-E x1 slot.
    Currently, the rx580 is in the x16 slot closest to the CPU, the 5600xt is in the x1 slot.
    Any card I put in the second x16 slot won’t hash.
    Any thoughts on how to rectify this?
    thanks for any help…

yup. you need to enable 4g decoding and thinker in the MB BIOS. redpanda miner has good videos on how to set up your rig for mining on youtube.

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