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Do I have a faulty Red Devil? (5700 XT low-efficiency problem)

Please have a look at the image below.
After some bios tweaking on all the 3 cards I ended up reaching this result (teamredminer ad HiveOS). But… that Red Devil in the middle…
How can this card be so hot and so power consuming? Did you have any similar experiences?
What can be wrong with it?
I bought all the 3 card used btw. Can it be it has been used too much and somehow lost efficiency over time? BTW I would say it’s the most stable at higher clocks of the three cards. I can reach 59.5 stable with no problems with it. The other two cards can be more problematic doing that.
Pls share your thoughts!
I’m about to sell it… XD

In my experience, Micron memory seems to pull more Watts … and more watts = more heat.

I could agree until I got the third card: what about the Sapphire with Micron memory then? It’s the most efficient of the three.

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