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DNX / OneZeroMiner

Trying to optimise 3070 serttings

Would like to know how to handle only 3070 with nvtool
Tons of crappy threads don’t really helped me :confused:

→ In need : How to inject nvtool -i 5 --setcoreoffset 255 --setclocks 1680 --setmem 5001 && nvtool -i 6 --setcoreoffset 255 --setclocks 1680 --setmem 5001 ?

just run the command in the run box/shell


That’s currently what I do, but is there a way to cheat a field and inject this in flightsheet ?

Miner is not that stable and if crash+reboot I will los mmy nvtool settings right ?

yeah nvtool only applies until a reboot. just set your core clock in hive so if you reboot youre still running the correct locked core. no core offset will be slightly less efficient but not by much.

edited as you cant run 5001 mem in the gui.

OK, gonna try this for this night, thanks

you could also create a cron job to run nvtool on boot.

there two ways people are running nvtools

adding the command to for the miner or adding an extra miner that doesn’t mine

think they use lolminer with 127.1 as the url for the pool

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Where can I find more about this script. Is this a default script that I can modify for each miner restart?

hive runs that when it starts the miner

you can find it at /hive/miners/miner_name/

My Rig is stuck at Mallob endpoint error, can you suggest what is wrong with this:


should be --mallob-endpoint, with 2 dashes

Is it possible to add this clock/men settings to extra into flysheet’s extra config?

Yes, details are on onezerominers github