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Display accepted, rejected, incorrect shares

Is there a place to see the number of ethereum accepted, rejected, incorrect shares per rig and per gpu?

At present time only in miner’s screen.

You can use the “Linux shell execute” option to run a simple
lynx -dump localhost:3333

Output will be in response screen. If you want only some stats, you can add something to grep, like:

lynx -dump localhost:3333 | egrep -i “Rejected|Total.S”

Please help, not so long time ago, suddenly it changed to port 3353, how to fix it? the internet cable is connected directly to the modem.

Try different servers maybe? Try the .eu ones? Also, I think some providers might block some pools… Also, you should start a new thread as its completly different from original one

new thread? would you please explain… tried different options, using eu servers

Yep i have the same problem, im testing hiveos because i have SMOS, but this OS have lot of problems, 99% of problems are the “wallet” config i think i have the same problem, cannot connect, im testing laptop with GTX960M

Please guys start a new thread if you have problem. This thread was to ask to view Shares stats from the web interface

i was reinstalling new os, new rigs, so far nothing, please help

This is in ToDo list and work in progress - dev team some need time to add this functionality for all miners which already in HiveOS

HaloGenius , can you give us a hint about the new thread, how to do this? I’m not a pro… at least a few steps?

He means create a new forum thread that is specific to the problem you’re having.

You’re asking a question in a completely unrelated thread.

I solved it, i just wrong config in epools.txt for mining ether in ethermine pool

Mining it’s not only ethereum so it’s more globally
All miners needs to adding this functionality