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Diskless Boot via NFS Server

Hi Developer Guys!

At first, let me say!
You did a Awesome and REALLY great Job developing this OS!
I tried many many OSes and invest Hours over Hours in investigating Linux and Windows with APIs.
But HiveOS is everything i Ever need! :smiley: i like it very very much!

The last Step for my Farm is an NFS Server for Booting it Diskless!
HiveOS is based on Ubuntu.
So can i use the Diskless Boot Features from Ubuntu?
Or is there anything i need to change specially for HiveOS?


BR a Fan!

The same question. It’s good idea to boot rigs over the network.

For sure a PXE boot + nfs would be a perfect solution for a big farm. I’m not in this case, but I can help you to figure it out if you need help. JUst be sure to have 2 “servers” to allow booting+nfs in case of a failure, to prevent your complete farm to fall offline

Or maybe you can use 2 rigs with ssd and many ram to be the servers…so you don’t have to run dedicated servers. Maybe even hiveos team can add this as a package - hiveos-pxe-server

You should be able to send from the PXE server a separate image for each MAC address with a different rig ID. Not the cleanest solution but it should work.

In fact you probably just have to serve the unconfigured rig image, so on first boot it will ask for rigid

I think I"ll try to make it at home just for the fun of it. @voltage_at and @babayota, I’ll try to take notes to help you out set it up. I think that the best way (for me) is to use an actual rig, resize the installation and use it as server. Do you use dhcp in your farm?

Thanks for reply. Yes, I am using dhcp but with Static Leases. I think to run the NFS server for pxeboot on the router (OpenWrt or Padavan)

Hive OS Diskless PXE