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Discover motherboard, memory, processor and cooler consumption on HiveOS

I am configuring my Farm on HiveOS to know the “real consumption” (watts), but I cannot find out the consumption watts of the Motherboard, Memory and Processor / Cooler “through the OS”.

On Windows, you can use CPU-Z, but since I am only using HiveOS directly on the SSD, I have not found any articles or guidelines on possible commands that can give me this data.

Is there a command that shows the consumption of these peripherals, through the OS? Or do I have to use a Wattimeter?


I would recommend to read power consumption at the wall socket, bc every PSU has a specific level of efficiency. So the value at the wall socket is always higher than what system can show.

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As my machine is old, I downloaded the manuals for the motherboard, processor and memory and got the data. Tks !!!

Ok but these values mean nothing if you want to calculate profit, because depending on your PSU and load on it, the effective power consumption could be ~10% higher + in the manuals you will never find the actual power consumption… I am not sure what you want to do with the values you found?

The values will be used for me to calculate the “real” energy consumption. I applied the settings to HiveOs and now I have a daily energy cost base.

That way, I don’t need to keep converting consumption daily (this makes it easier to control my excel table).

This daily cost is BRL (here in São Paulo, the energy coast is 0.74 BRL, is to high (ins USD is 0.74 / R$ 5,57 BRL = 0,13 usd).

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Ok, but your calculation is far from “real” in my opinion. The manual does not tell you how much power the CPU and other system components draw in reality and it does not tell you at which level of efficiency your PSU is working. Why not using a device to measure power consumption at the wall socket. Just read the value once a day and write it into your Excel. Perfectly accurate…

Hi Neunsen!

I am waiting for a wattimeter to arrive on aliexpress, I still have about 30 days to go. After that I will have perfect control. Thanks for the sugestion! ; D

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