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Disable GPU on specific worker without change universal flight sheets

I have one dead fan and the location is far away, i only solve by remote
So, temp is over 90 and miner is stopping
I do not want to create specific flight sheet over and over, each time one GPU are going crazy.
So, i an searching for any way to disable a gpu, without change flight sheet or tuning all rigs in the same time

The only thing I can think of is:

  1. have someone near your farm physically pull the GPU out of operation
  2. as you said, create a new flight sheet

To disable an individual GPU while you’re looking at the miner console on the rig, press the corresponding GPU number to turn off mining for that specific card. I.e. to disable GPU2 press “2” on the keyboard, etc. This can also be done remotely via a teleconsole session if needed. I THINK that should do the trick.

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