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Disable autofan for only a specific GPU


I realized that for my Gigabyte RTX 3060 TI works with better hashrate (58mh/s) it have to be at 65ºC more or less. But i have 6 more cards and put the target temperature in autofan at 50ºC, so my Gigabyte card are now running with only 55mh/s.

There’s a way to disable autofun for only one gpu? Or another trick?
I’m using phoenixminer.

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Usually if you set the value at 0 it equals AutoFan

i tried disable the autofan ant i put in the PhoenixMiner these arguments: -tt *:50,4:65

Where i wanted all the GPUS gets 50ºC as the target temperature except the 4 (my Gigabyte) that would take 65ºC.

But not worked…it’s still in 50ºC

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Bumping this.
Is there a plan to set Autofan for individual GPUs.
One card likes to be a bit cooler than the others but with autofan I end up spinning all card fans faster, creating more heat in the surrounding and negating the cooling effect (it’s like a positive feedback loop where the balance of temp spirals up and all fans start to spin faster)

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Am also trying to figure this out at the moment.
Have a mixed rig but want my NVIDIA cards to be at a static speed

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Hey there any updates? I’m also struggling with this issue in the rig with 3070 and one 3080

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Yes Please exact same issue.

any solution? The same thing happens to me with a card, the fan needs to be 100% or lower the hashrate, I need to isolate that card from the autofan please