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Different OC for Ravencoin (KawPow) mining?

Hi guys,
I am mining ETH right now, but I am considering switch to ravencoin… Does anyone tried it? Are you using same OC for KawPow as ethash?
I am running 4x RX 5700XT and 4x RX 56000XT in one rig.


Wondering the same. Getting 53mh/s on eth but only 15mh/s on rvn… No changes in the settings

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I am getting 393 MHs on ETH and 173 MHs on KawPow with slightly more electricity (1150W vs 1220W) :slight_smile:
I have found this article - Tips and Tricks and Downloads for GPU Mining Ravencoin in 2020 - KAWPOW Hardfork! - Mining & Hardware / GPU Mining - VoskCoinTalk and it looks like we should use same settings. There are some configs for OC, but none for RX 5600/5700 :frowning:

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Funny that one speak about RavenCoin while I just ask myself if it’s something I should do too. But IMO it’s not the time to mine RVN since ETH is so high and easier to mine…

My point of view is that RVN is nearly as profitable as ETH (due to price going up dramatically)… and maybe it could be even more profitable than ETH, because mined RVN could be held for a few weeks and you can also benefit from price increase…
The other thing is EIP 1559 on ETH at 26th of February which is so close… so I am looking for alternatives…

I don’t see why EIP1559 will affect ETH mining. IMO it will rise the ETH price :wink:

According to this calculation from Bits been tripping mining of ETH shloud be 50% less profitable - miningmodel-v2.1 - Tabulky Google (sheet forecast ETH)

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Ciao ragazzi io x le mie Sapphire nitro + rx 5700 xt uso questo overclock x Ravencoin.
Ottengo 27,9 mh s con 166 watt…
Spero vi possa servire.Ciao e buona serata a tutti.

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Scaring me :frowning:

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I have 3080 cards, and to get the same performance as whattomine identifies for these cards, I need to use a lot more Power than with ETH mining, which means a lot more heat too.
I’m still trying to find good mining settings that lower the power consumption (eth uses ~220)

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