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Different GPU's for different miners under one worker

Hi guys,
It is my first post so cheers to all the HiveOS community. I am Piotr from Poland and I am new to the forum and generally Hive OS. So be sure more questions will follow. Of course I always try to search internet before I ask on the forum but sometimes I fail.
I have been mining under Win but I have been moving slowly to Hive. I have built my first experimental rig with 2 GPUs so far 1xAMD and 1xNV. But both cards are GPU #0 - Ok iterations starts from 0 separately. But in this case how two apply two different flightsheets with different miners under one worker if I can not use parameter “devices” to apply only on one card?

If your miner does both amd and nvidia, devices listed just count up in order. For example if the miner starts at 0 and you have 0,1,2,0 the miner will treat them as 0,1,2,3.

Basic question. Can I launch two flightsheets for one rig or different miners should be under one active flightsheet ruled by additional miner commands like “-d” etc. And if specify “-d 0” in Trex miner which GPU will be pointed if both are GPU#0? By your words it will be Nvidia as it apperas upperin in GPU#0 line - correct.

You can run (2) miners in (1) flight sheet, but only (1) flight sheet per worker.

If you start with Team Red Miner and T-Rex you’ll find you do not need to specify/exclude GPUs, because they ignore the unsupported chipsets.

Use the add miner option:

Be sure to name your "workers under the Setup Miner Config option differently so the pool of choice can keep track of both miners:

In use:

beat in mind that if you use phoenixminer then the GPU could starts at 1 and no 0 :wink:

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