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Different Card Types on Same Rig


I searched the forum but could not find this discussed. I have one rig with 6 cards. Four 1070, and two 1070ti. The power limit setting being a wattage rather than a percentage causes the TIs to hash much more slowly than I would like on most algos. I know I can make a wallet that addresses only specific cards, but then I can’t run two different wallets on the same rig… I need to have wattage limits as a percentage or to be able to control them separately for different card types on the same rig.

How can I make my 1070ti’s hash like 1070ti’s while having them on the same rig as my 1070s?

you can have different cards types but OC settings also must set separately for them (space separately at NVIdia OC dialog)

Thanks! So I would make separate wallets, specify device numbers for each, and then use different overclock profiles?