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Difference between LHR, TI, TI LHR and Non LHR

For instance, in RTX 3070 GPU, does it actually have 4 variants, the LHR, TI, TI LHR and Non LHR? Is the TI LHR an actual TI or LHR? I am really confused.

Hey mate
3070S & 3080s have 2 versions.
Older versions (normally rev1) are NON LHR
Newer versions are LHR
They have 10gig ram

3070tis & 3080tis are all LHR.
They have 12gig ram

The LHR doesnt matter any more since they broke the unlock. They all mine the same. So whatever ya can get cheaper go with!

new nv driver removes lhr.
it`s official now.