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Didn't receive ETH (0.2) payment today. Any advise?

Didn’t receive ETH payment today. OS showing “pending” . Usually it paid before 7am . Now we do have 10am…

Gas fees are above the threshold due to the market, just need to wait for the, to drop below 80 during the payout round. 185 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

Why does it say you’ve only reached 5% of your threshold… If you set your threshold to .1 ETH, then you should be at (or over) 200%… Check that your threshold is set to .1 ETH and see what happens. Also like @keaton_hiveon said above, if you can wait for gas fees to go down, then wait. I set mine at 22 and got a payout last week…

Because the .2 is pending already. Once the payment goes through it will still show 5% or higher as it’s not wiping the balance to 0

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Did get paid at 4pm. (Latest , previously was 7am. )Usually around 3-4 am. Each time, when time is came. I can’t set it 0.1 ETH. Its set up 0.2 by default looks like.

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