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Did my GPU die? PSU in smokes, RIP

Hello all, I recently started mining again after a few years, below is my configuration at present

OS - Hive
GPU - 2 X Powercolor Radon RX 5700xt Red devil
PSU - EVGA 1300 W Gold edition (still in warranty-Microcenter)a
Processor - i3-6700

I was trying to undervolt one of my card since its memory clock temperature is running at 90 Degree Celsus and instead of entering “775” for the “Memory Controller Voltage” i.e VDDCI I mistakenly entered “7775” and the rig shutdown. not realising it I tried to turn it back on, and the power board sparked and stopped working, still not realising my mistake i changed a new power board and turned it back on again, this time the PSU was in some smoke I quickly turned off everything and understood my mistake.

  1. Now I am not worried about my PSU since its incomplete replacement warranty, I think I can replace it tomorrow my only question is do you think any of my GPUS might have damaged I do not see any kind of damage on anything else apart from PSU?
  1. Now if my GPU is all good, how do I safely turn it all back on tomorrow, after i replace my PSU.

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