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Device 0: DAG - Verification Failed (RTX 3060 Ti)

I have been mining in Nbminer for 2 months. I’ve been encountering this error for about a week. I tried different pools. I tried different miners. But I kept getting the error. I tried lowering the OC settings; I tried many OC settings but no solution.

GPU Brand/Model: Gainward NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8192MB Hynix GDDR6
Hashrate values from two weeks ago:

Shortly after miner starts (pictured below);

  • Fan speed: 0
  • CClk: 1665
  • GMClk: 7001

Absolutely interesting!

Below are the screenshots I took with other miners. I’m sharing them in the hope of finding a solution.

Bring down the memory to 2400 and try it again.

Try much more conservative settings, like 1400 core and 0 mem, if it’s stable, work the memory up, if it’s not, your cards memory is probably failing due to running very aggressive clocks for months