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Detecting OpenCL devices problem

Hello, I am trying to mine Ergo with 8x rx 470 4gb miners edition cards, but whenever I run a miner I get this issue

I tried with different miners and pools but it’s always the same.

Please help me

Hi ,
Check your settings … i think this error is from mistake from flight sheet…

I got it to work somehow.

I don’t know ehat happened, I rebooted it and it worked. I am afraid it won’t work if I reboot it again.

This guy doesn’t show flightsheet settings, is there any specific thing I need to do?

I am currently using nanominer and nanopool and it works, but I don’t know for how long and why.

At moments I was having large LA and task blocked for 120 seconds.

Task blocked for 120 seconds was the issue that persisted longest, I don’t know what happened but i

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