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Detected DEAD , will execute restart script

Sir, I have 7 cards. 6 rx570 8gb 1 rx580 8gb. The system was giving a stable 225 mh. It gave 225 mh until 1.25 at night and dropped to 193 mha at 1.30 and the system turned off by saying phoneixminer reboot. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that there are all the cards in the system, but they do not dig. I restarted the system and the black screen went down. I rebuilt the Hiveo and started my excavation. My 6 card scratch does not do 1 of them, but the hiveosta is active. I turned the system off and on, the room started, my excavation continues, but it is played between 30-32 mh for mh. Now the system is gone complete hiveos offline

GPU 2: detected DEAD (07:00.0), will execute restart script

Hi, did you find a solution ? Thanks